This is where you understand or “get” the business. Until you have experienced the spirit and enthusiasm of the leaders, you have not fully understood what you have in your hands. There is nothing that can replace the power of a room filled with several hundred of committed minds, working together towards a common goal.

It helps us take ourselves more seriously and develop confidence and healthy pride.
It gives us proof that we are learning, growing and succeeding.
It gives us the opportunity to celebrate other people’s success.
It inspires us to keep going!

For all Nu Skin distributors that take their business seriously and want to speed up their business building, celebrate with friends and have fun!

Tickets can only be transfered to another Nu Skin distributor under exclusive responsibility of the buyer. OTG will not handle ticket changes or take any responsibility for them.

No, you will not be able to transfer and apply any amount paid to any OTG West Europe products or event.

The Association OTG West Europe organizes this event for all OTG members.

It is a Non-profit association – Law 1/2002, created to be organized in a powerful and transparent way. Our aim is to continue developing new and better tools for all distributors doing business in West Europe.

Because no money will go into the pocket of any individual distributor. The potential surplus is re-invested in the development of OTG WE.

All distributors can participate as long as they abide by the OTG Code of Conduct.

All the material, services and events are for members only.

The Success Summit is a distributors’ event. We do not recommend parents to bring along their children as the venue is crowded and very noisy at times.
In addition to the fact that children may find the event too long and not always of interest, parents may as well not take full benefit of this event knowing that their children are not enjoying it.
Also be reminded that if you were eventually to come along with your kids, you’d have to book a ticket for them.

Don´t miss the biggest event in Europe
for Nu Skin distributors